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News form Clay WIlson, KI4LDC


As you are aware we do our net bi-monthly.  June is our 'off' month so our
next Net will be held on July 9, 2015. 

With the help of Tony Walsh at the Mayo Clinic we have obtained laptops and
printers for use at our hospital stations in the Region M ARES network.  We
are very grateful to Tony as he's been very supportive of our group at both
the administrative level and financial level.  These laptops will be used to
facilitate digital nets and digital communications during drills or
emergency communications.  Digital communications are becoming more
prominent and this is a move to equip the hospitals in our region with the
tools necessary to participate.

We will be conducting  a Digital Training Session on June 27th at the
Hacklebarney Community Center.  I cannot stress the importance of attending
this if possible.  Doug Carter will be conducting the training and this will
be our last training session before we begin conducting digital nets with
the participating hospitals.  Our intentions are to distribute the laptops
at the training session.  We will have the software installed and
preconfigured on the laptops.  If you have any questions regarding the
training or the equipment please email Doug Carter ( or

Last Month's Net Results:
Appling HealthCare Baxley: KD4MAK, DON SEARS  --KM4DME, ANGEL
Bacon County Hospital- Alma: KJ4WX, LARRY   --KD4QFG,  DON
Clinch County Hospital - Homerville: Absent
Coffee Regional - Douglas: W9CK TOM - KG4UBN, DAN -AD4EQ, JOE -KK4SJT,
Jeff Davis Hospital- Hazlehurst: Absent
Mayo Clinic Health System - Waycross: Absent
Pierce County Nursing Home - Blackshear: KI4MQF, CARL
Satilla Care Nursing Home - Waycross: N4FPS, DOUG
Wayne Memorial Hospital- Jesup: KI4FMT, BILL

Thank you all for your willingness to serve our area hospitals!!!

Clay Wilson



Georgia Public Health SNS (Strategic National Stockpile) Drill Scheduled:

ONGOING ACTIVITY AT THE LEADERSHIP LEVEL:  Planning sessions taking place in May and this summer with Georgia Public Health in preparation for the Statewide SNS (Strategic National Stockpile) drill, scheduled for November 16-18 where we are in the early stages of looking at the possibility of merging our SET with their drill.  The SNS drill will also include neighboring states.  In an initial meeting with them in February they indicated an interest in conveying digital form messages.  Barry Kanne (W4TGA) DEC for Public Health is coordinating this effort.  We are continuing to develop a better interface with MARS to learn how to more effectively coordinate our nets.  I am hoping to involve MARS in the possible SNS drill.  

David Benoist - AG4ZR Section Emergency Coordinator


145.270 Repeater is now on EchoLink

DMR is here!!! Please attend our Patterson Hamfest on 5/12/18 for more details!

You can now help us fund the repeaters/Internet/website fees by clicking on the link below:


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