FCC Testing

Prospective Amateur Radio operators can qualify for their entry-level Technician Federal Communications Commission license by passing a 35 item written exam.

Testing for the two higher license grades, the General and Amateur Extra, are also offered. Testing is conducted 'on demand' or as needed, meaning when we have a couple of people in need of testing.Pre-registration is required at least two weeks before the testing date.

Send e-mail to Clay Wilson for pre-registration information.

The exam fee is $15. A passing grade is 74% or higher.

Please bring a photo ID such as your drivers license and one other form of ID. If you are upgrading, also bring any exam credit slips (CSCEs) and your original license along with a photocopy of each. Tests are administered by the Pierce County ARES FCC-certified exam team.



145.270 and 444.025 Repeaters are now tied to EchoLink

Details coming soon!

Upcoming Events

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Nofars Hamfest on March 25th, 2017